"Small Fast" Loan Program

Fast Commercial Capital's "Small FAST" Program


Fast Commercial Capital's "Small FAST" Program is designed for the smaller investor and operator of commercial properties. This market is largely underserved and catered to mostly by banks and traditonal type lenders. Interestingly, smaller commercial properties ($2,000,000 and under) are owned and operated mostly by entreprenuers, or 'mom and pop' type operators. These owners and operators need an alternative to traditional banking type lending. That is where Fast Commercial Capital can assist. We cater to smaller commercial property owners who need flexible and "make sense" underwriting. Thats what we do. Get a FAST loan today!


You asked - We Listened! Done Deal!



Some of the guidelines of our loans include:

  - Income qualified through 12 consecutive months of business bank statements - Done FAST!

  - No tax returns or 4506T required - Done FAST!

  - LTV's up to 80% - Done FAST!

  - Stated Income Loan Options - Done FAST!

  - Amortizations up to 30 years - Done FAST!

  - Rates starting at 6.5% and up - Done FAST!

   - Loan amounts from $200,000 to $2,000,000 (can go higher) - Done FAST!

  - Cash-outs allowed - Done FAST!

  - Flexible Prepayment options - Done FAST!




Property Types Include, but not limited to:

                                       - Mixed Use                         - Self Storage

                                       - Retail                                 - Light Industrial

                                       - Office                                - Automotive

                                       - Warehouse                        - Bar

                                       - Restaurant                        - Day Care Center


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