Commercial Fix and Flip Loans


re also known as Hard Money Loans. Fix N Flip loans are used by Real Estate investors to acquire, improve and resell property for a profit. Fix N Flip loans are usually short term financing that allow investors to leverage their liquidity and experience. We finance Fix N Flip loans on Single Family non-owner occupied, 2-4 units properties and 5-30 unit apartments. We typically lend up to 90% of total project cost (purchase & Rehab) and up to 75% of After Repair Value (ARV). Loans are from $50,000 to $3,000,000 with terms up to 12 months.


As a real estate investor, having multiple sources of capital at your disposal is a essential element of your ability to acquire new properties. A new and growing-in-popularity method for obtaining properties or a portfolio of properties is an acquisition LINE of CREDIT. This financing option can be used to acquire and grow an investor's rental portfolio or it can be used to Fix N Flip properties.Ultimately the access to capital will enhance an investor's ability to complete deals.

Traditionally, Investors obtain real estate Lines of Credit based on the equity in their personal (owner occupied) property. However, that is no longer the case. Acquisition Lines of Credit can now be obtained based on an applicant's profile as an investor and financial wherewithal. No longer is the equity in your existing portfolio needed to acquire a Line of Credit that will enable you to rapidly grow the size of your business. You can be underwritten and approved as a sponsor based on your demonstrated track record and financial strength to obtain an acquisition Line of Credit from $500,000 to $50 million.

A major advantage of obtaining an acquisition line of credit is that there are no prepayment penalties or early exit fees. Additionally, the interest rate, origination fees and other transaction costs are substantially lower than a traditional hard money lender.

A typical real estate investors will run out of capital before they run out of buying opportunities. Having an acquisition line of credit provides the needed access to capital to execute deals and take your real estate business to the next level. No more wondering if you are going to get approved for your next transaction. will help you take advantage of the tremendous investment opportunities available in the marketplace. Contact us today to quickly close on your properties at 1-833-828-FAST or click the button below to apply online.

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