Single Family Horizontal Development Lending Guidelines

We offer horizontal development financing for builders and developers Nationwide. We have a range of loans for construction of commercial property to fit your unique requirements. We have decades of expertise in construction and development financing. Below are our guidelines for single family development financing.

  Term: Up to 36 months preferred

  Target Loan Size: Up to $75,000,000

  Structure: Interest only, paid monthly (We can provide an interest reserve)

  Rate: Fixed rates between 10% and 14%

  Fees: Up to 3% to 5% of loan amount

  Loan to Cost: Up to 80% of cost

  Loan to Value: Up to 70% of value

  Collateral: First or second lien deed of trust/mortgage on the property

  Guaranty: Limited recourse in the event of specific bad acts and Completion Guarantees required. Payment Guarantee TBD  based on the project and sponsor.

  Borrower Equity: The Borrower is to invest required equity into the project prior to funding

  Builder EMD: Required to be released into the project prior to funding

  Prepayment: Varies by Project

  Underwriting: Based on experience of the sponsor, fundamentals of the business plan, location and underlying value of the property

  Target Markets: Major metropolitan areas across the United States

Intermediaries welcome and protected

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